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Great fly water fishable from the bank and easy access make this beat a pleasure to fish. Although the water is new it is obvious that it will produce a good head of salmon with two named pools and several runs. On a good height the water will take the fly from top to bottom but this water will also fish on low water. There are some deep holes for the spinners also.


An excellent beat in the wonderful setting of Hadrian’s Wall country, beside Chesters Roman Fort. With 11 named pools this water is divided into two beats, upper and lower, with two rods fishing each. Sundays are not available as they are saved for the proprietor and local Angling associations.


Perfect water for the fly enthusiast although spinning is permitted. This idyllic stretch of the North Tyne is set in beautiful Northumbrian surroundings. Comprising five named pools with easy wading and access, this water offers the angler the true spirit of big river fishing. Divided into two, 2 rod beats rotating at 1pm athough ample room for a party of five anglers fishing it together. Upper beat, The Dipper Pool, The Pit Pool and the Mill Stream, The Lower Beat consists of The Mill Pool, The Charlton Pool and The Rocks Pool. Wild browns up to 2lb are also abundant in this water.


One of the North Tyne’s premier beats this stretch of water has ¾ of a mile on the Tyne culminating at the junction pool where the Rede is then fished for a further mile. This water provides anglers with the combination of a large main river system together with classic small spate river challenge. Offering both fly and spinning opportunities this water should need no introduction as it has been mentioned on several occasions in the Trout and Salmon Tyne reports. Divided into two beats Upper & Lower with two rods fishing each rotating at 1 pm.

Riverdale Beat

On a small stretch of the North Tyne located directly in front of the hotel, has this year been made available to anglers staying at the Riverdale Hall Hotel. The 490 yard stretch of left bank fishing is easily fished from the bank or wading and is known to yield salmon, sea-trout and wild brown trout. At the upstream limit a glide runs into a deep pool which over the years has produced some excellent fly fishing sport. The remainder of the beat to the downstream limit is slower, deeper water and best suited to spinning tactics. This said, given favourable river conditions it has also produced salmon and sea-trout to fly.


A little further upstream lies Tarset beat with some great fly water and ample spinning too. This water offers easy fly fishing from the bank where the Tarset burn enters the beat and the river thins into a very inviting channel. The run continues down to where the Churden burn enters the river from the other bank about 150 meters. Here there is a large deep pool and around the bend there is another pool under the power lines. Fish hold up well in this prime piece of water.

The Mill

Two miles upstream of Bellingham Bridge, approached via the Hesleyside walled garden, is the fishing hut and the single bank Mill beat. This has three distinct pools, the Top Mill Pool, the Mill Pool and the Charlton Pool all are best fished by wading and the large stones make a stick essential.