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North Tyne River Ghillie (Fish Guide) Services

At Riverdale Hall Hotel we are fortunate to be able to offer our guests ghillie services. Our ghillie’s are well known throughout the Tyne River system having fished the waters extensively for more than 30 years; over the years the comprehensive knowledge of ‘The best Salmon River in England’ has resulted in many fine catches of salmon and sea-trout for the visiting anglers.

Tuition and Ghillie Services

Learn a casting technique or pick the ghillie’s brains for any hints or tips they can offer to improve technique.

Tuition is available for those who require it, be it anglers new to the sport wishing to learn the art of fly fishing, or perhaps those a little more experienced who would like to learn a casting technique or pick the ghillie’s brains for any hints or tips they can offer to improve technique.

Fishing can be expensive. With this in mind we’ll be happy to provide advice on suitable outfits for fishing the Tyne and of course for those of you that require it, tackle can be made available for hire. Should you wish to hire tackle from us we would request that guests contact us prior to their visit to discuss individual requirements.

Flies and spinning lures are always available to purchase, many anglers in the past have raided the gillie’s fly boxes (albeit with their permission and guidance!) and have gone on to successfully land fish.

Some of our ghillie’s tie their own flies and in the past have tied flies to order, unfortunately they now no longer tie flies to bulk orders.

The weather is often unpredictable, sometimes it is to the anglers’ advantage whilst at other times it is not. When conditions are proving difficult, there is always the option of visiting one of the local still water trout fisheries where you can enjoy fishing from either bank or boat.

Please note that as on any river in England all anglers fishing the Tyne require an Environment Agency Rod Licence. Licences are available to purchase from the Environment Agency website:, or from most post offices.

Please remember that any salmon caught on the Tyne prior to 16th June must be returned safely to the river in accordance with Environment Agency byelaws.