Day Tickets

Riverdale Hall Hotel – Fishing Day Tickets

Day tickets are available to non-residents for all Riverdale beats.

To book rods and or gillie services please contact Nicole on 01434 220661.

Day Ticket Conditions

  • Fly and spinning only strictly no bate
  • A rod maybe shared between 1 Adult & 1 Child (under 16) with only one line in the water at any one time.
  • All anglers must posses a valid Enviroment Agency Salmon License
  • All catches must be recorded in the Fishing records book held at Riverdale Hall Hotel.
  • All dogs must be kept on a lead where livestock are.
  • Day tickets are from first light till 11pm. £5 surcharge for tickets picked up prior 8am.
  • Please note the max number of rods per beat and report any suspect poaching.
  • There is no assignment or sub-letting of rods.
  • Please return any overly coloured fish to the river.
  • All anglers must abide by the enviroment agency bylaws, in particular salmon caught prior to 16th June must be returned to the river with the least possible injury.


Full details of the bylaws are available from the Agency’s Customer Service Centre (0645 333 111)